Best travel apps you need on your phone

Travelling nowadays is one of the daily errands one performs whether while going to their workplace, to meet their family members and friends or just for some household purposes. When it comes to travel, we always want to be much more comfortable and therefore wants it to be convenient, cost effective and easy. In order to make all these things possible as compared to conventional way of arranging things and as with the advent of technology all of this has become much easier in just one tap on your smartphone and here it gets booked. Travel apps has made our lives much easier than it was with providing services online. Following are the best travel application one needs to install them in smartphone.


Check my trip

The app is easily available on Google play store and apple’s play store as well. The check my trip app is an ideal travel app for all just like business trips as well as leisure travels. This app has amazing reviews on providing the best stress free travel plans with much comfort to the user. This app collects all the important and useful information for flights and other modes of accommodation, places or destinations and their availability and all the important stuff one should keep in mind and the best thing is that it is provided for free.



Road trippers

The perfect road trip planner does not exist unless road trippers become your travel planner and partner. It is also known to be number one road trip planner. The user just needs to enlist the number of routes and places to travel and the road tripper perfectly designs the whole trip. The app is easily available on play store as well as app store.


The vacation countdown app


What will be more exciting thing than the trip that you planned for so long gets started? Whether it is sightseeing in Paris,surfing in Hawaii, hiking in Colorado or skiing in Switzerland, the app marks the date from when your best days of your life your vacation will start as per your planning and when it is supposed to end by the time just to stay alert and provide information.



The Expedia app

The Expedia app is one stop trip booking place where the user can book their entire trip within the matter of seconds with ease in just one tap and therefore at a single online platform. The travel partners provides access to all the destinations no matter from where the user is located and to where they want to travel and explore the destination.




If looking for a platform for holiday accommodation then air bnb is nowadays at its best, the platform lets you choose your home away holiday trip to the best destination you want with more than millions of choices. One can also filter the criteria for search in terms of price, location, services and much more.




Are you also one of those who faces difficulty in having a conversation with others of different native language? No need to worry about because duo lingo is the one to help you in survival. The app provides you all the languages basic phrases and translations when one has difficulty to talk or asking an address gets so much hectic. It is known as an essential and most important language app.




When looking flights in much cheapest prices on an online platform, hopper can be used. It analyzed and inquires millions and billions of flight fares each day and helps to find one which is feasible for the user. Hopper being the most experienced tells you current conditions of bookings and also advises whether to wait or make a booking for trip.


Lounge buddy

Waiting at airport becomes much exhausting and thereby drains all the energy out of you for travelling, most people uses airport lounge as it provides relax and comfort with complementary food as well as drinks. Booking any lounge at the airport has become much easier with lounge buddy, this makes your travelling much easier and premium.



Uber app

When travelling inside the city, a person always seeks comfort while travelling and most importantly convenience is the factor to be considered. The app provides you whole range of vehicles with the different fares with just one tap and there you travel safely as well as with the best comfort.



Google maps

Travelling within different city, states or a new country or even throughout the city needs navigation just like finding restaurants, gas stations and even the best and shortest routes to arrive with more comfort and less traffic jams. Google maps can also be said Google trips as it makes your trip or travelling much easier and with the best of time saving.



Sky scanner

Sky scanner gives a detailed information about the fascinating destinations in a particular city, state or a place. It can also provide the best trip in low expenditure where one estimates a lot more than that. Just like the other apps, additionally sky scanner also provides information about the cheapest and the best flights with least fares offered.

Best Travel Apps

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