Best places travelling to Europe

Europe, the root of western culture and civilization where all the beauty lies. Travelling to Europe after covid -19 is one of the most admirable dream that one can have, Europe holds the essence and all the beauty of ancient cultures that a person always wants to explore and if one wants to plan a tour to Europe then surely they are going to be much more fascinated one can ever think.

Paris, France


Travelling to Europe’s safest countries is now much simpler as the travel restrictions are now uplifted by the governing body which decides to implement rules and regulations. France comes on the top when planning a tour to Europe as it is considered to be one of the most safest and peaceful place one could visit and make the moments memorable with their loved ones. The natural and the most beautiful scenery lies out there, Paris, heart of the country has all the attention always by the tourists. A couple could enjoy and have the most amazing time they can ever imagine. It has a reputation of love, peace and romance therefore called as the city of love. Paris has always been the center of attention when it comes to historic places, romantic venues and the most beautiful sceneries one could ever dream of. The monuments of different architects, the museum of different eras gives it an advantage of being chosen among other locations.


One of the Europe’s richest destinations, London comes to mind when planning a trip to Europe. One can discover the tidiest commercial oxford and regent street and feel so much relieved by the designers district. The best time to discover London is spring and summers where the city is a bit less crowded and one can get the opportunity to live their moments in a great manner by feeling the nature’s beauty in parks and can experience the feel of a beautiful sunset as well. The buses of this city fascinates the tourists, the historic buildings built by the royal family having the most elegant infrastructure i.e Buckingham palace built by London’s rich royal heritage.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Another one of the most safest and best places to visit in Europe can be noted as Lucerne, Switzerland. Switzerland’s birth place, the city of Luzern is known as the pocket size version of Switzerland when talking about the beauty that lies there which gives an advantage of visitor’s attraction towards the place. Spend a day at Lake Lucerne and experience the beautiful view of snow capped mountains and relax in the mild climate of Lake. The city is also well known for the stunning architects which also makes it worth it to give a visit. The chapel bridge is one of the most visited locations which has the oldest wooden bridge built which amuses the tourists and makes it attractive for the visitor to have a walk. The old town Lucerne is just so amazing to have a look at with all the old buildings and gorgeous medieval squares. The dying lion monument also serves as a center of attraction towards the visitors.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Keeping in mind about the safest cities to travel in Europe after covid-19, one can always try to include Amsterdam, capital city of Netherlands. One of the absolute favorite city loved by the tourists and tourism industry. The city has overloaded adorable canals which adds the charm in the city. The city is also named as the city for lovers, the canal cruises are just amazing, the city is also very well known as bicycle friendly, one could go for a long ride as well. The city also hosts live music concert and parties at the beach where one can enjoy their stressful life to the fullest.

Vienna, Austria


Another safest place to travel in Europe and a capital of love Vienna which is located in Austria. The city had largest number of stays especially of couples in 2019, therefore Vienna is well known for romantic and lovely endings of the day thereby considered as one of the best destinations in Europe. It is also one of the safest cities in Europe and the parks in Vienna are known to be the most beautiful ones in the whole Europe, one of the amusement park located in the heart of city named, “the prater” is well known for marriage proposals therefore an ideal locale for romance. A socio- friendly environment is always there In the air of Vienna specially the green house named Palmenhaus one of the largest green house where one can meet thousands of people and where you can also eat many Austrian specialties. The Viennese cuisines are much more tastier one should try. St. Stephen’s cathedral with its multi colored tile designs fascinates the visitor and therefore also known as world’s most beautiful gothic structures and therefore one should plan a tour of Europe where they can relax themselves with peace, joy and safety all around.

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