Best places to visit in Baku Azerbaijan

Baku is the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan as well as the most important city for tourism when considered in the Caucasus with the best of its tourism policies, hotel services, and much more. Baku has the most unique destinations for tourism and the best entertainment when planning a trip for a tour. The city has a lot to offer its tourists which includes an amazing mixture of new wealthy culture as well as the old historic feelings that Baku holds of Azerbaijan. The city in terms of its enormous and fascinating architecture has all the attractions, skyscrapers, and local mosques of great historic backgrounds that attract all the tourists.

Baku has the most beautiful scenery and when talking about the food, amazing cuisines steals the heart of people out there with their friends and family members. Baku’s old city is one of the most visited and loved places of great historic significance also known as Icheri Sheher by the locals which makes you fall in love with the place of the ancient era. One planning a trip to Baku can include the following ideas to do and the best destinations to visit in Baku that will help you to enjoy the trip and make it worth the visit by spending the least money with more fun.

Icheri Sheher


Old historical city or also known as the inner core of the city, icheri sheher holds all the historical significance of Baku. One of the UNESCO heritage that offers a sight of the lives of people living in the 16th century to tourists. The walls, limestone buildings surrounded by thick fortress walls open towards the Caspian Sea with the same colors of the walls give it a look of a maze. The Icheri Sheher was Baku’s ancient platform from where it extended afterward.

Highland park


When talking about Baku’s center of attraction, the highland park comes at the top of the list, also known as viewing squares as it gives sight the most beautiful view of the Caspian sea which is just breathtaking when seen. Highland Park is quite large when talking about the area, it also has a mosque of martyrs of the great land of Azerbaijan.

Heydar Mosque


Heydar mosque is also one of Baku’s famous and favorite places which one must visit when in Baku. The mosque has a beautiful infrastructure with a unique architect representing Azerbaijan’s ancient historical background. The mosque is known for the peaceful vibes where one can pray as well as let their heart free of sorrows.

Little Venice


Little Venice located in Baku was built as a small town in 1960. The town has two islands connected with decorative stone bridges fascinating the tourists out there. The restaurant located there gives the best cuisines that mostly reflect Venice and therefore serves Azerbaijan’s special tasty cuisines.

Museum of miniature books


This place is known as the most loved place for book readers and novel lovers, the museum consists of the world’s tiniest books ever made that fascinate the tourist as well as give them admiration for the readers as well as the tourists. The main motive to make this library operational was the promotion of the literacy rate.

Bilgah beach


Mostly sought place by couples as well as beach lovers to enjoy their day by listening to the waves as relaxing there having lunch with your friends, family members or partners, this beach In Baku is much famous from a tourism point of view where you can relax while lying on sand and thereby also enjoying a beautiful sunset.

Nizami street


Nizami Street located in Baku is one of the enormous pedestrian shopping streets where you can buy their specials as well as your essentials. Many tourists out there crave to visit the street to explore the products available there as well as to spend some money on shopping. The shopping street is known as the place where one can shop for souvenirs. Shopping in Baku and especially from Nizami Street is the most important factor in increased Baku tourism.

Palace of the SHIRVANSHAHS


The palace of SHIRVANSHAHS is one of the famous and unique hidden places in Baku built by the SHIRVANSHAHS. The palace is known to be the pearl of Azerbaijan’s architecture. The palace gives great Goosebumps to tourists through its ancient historical picture as well as the architecture built by the famous leaders that fascinate the viewers.



This place has the greatest significance when talking about Hinduism point of view, many tourists go and visit the place to explore the religion and their religious activities. The place gives a very ancient as well as the historic atmosphere of the time of ancient leaders which fascinates the tourists.

Yanar dag


As Azerbaijan is also known as the land of fire and this place tells the tourists why it is named like that. The yanar dag is the unique wonder of nature itself, the long-lasting flames with a large amount of natural gas concentration which fascinates the viewers about the natural phenomenon this world and particularly this place holds.

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Places to Visit in Baku

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