10 must try adventure spots once in your life

10 must-try adventure spots once in your life

Every traveler has their own wish list to travel across those places in their lifetime just to experience and feel the best magical moments of their lives and be fascinated by the beauty this nature holds.

This can include hiking mountains, scuba diving, or eating famous cuisines of famous places just to feel and experience something new which sounds so great even when one plans and cannot stop thinking about it.

One can consider the following ultimate must-try adventure spots including epic hikes, extreme sports of mountains, and therefore exploring the world’s beautiful places whether it’s hot air ballooning or scuba diving.

The following 10 must-try adventure spots will surely change the view of your life.

Machu Picchu climbing


Not even a single adventure-loving person’s wish list can be complete without climbing Machu Picchu located in Peru, it was considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world in 2007. The place is much loved by tourists and therefore the most visited destination for climbing purposes.

The place is amazing creation built by the Inca Empire with giant walls, and terraces built so greatly that one can think of its cut naturally, the place reserves importance in terms of its history and especially the mountain adventurous spot of the destination give it more attraction of tourists.

Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey


The hot air balloon ride all over central turkey provides an aerial view of the country and a very beautiful cinematic experience that one cannot see while being at the ground level. Nowadays Kapadokya balloons are one of the most recommended ones for the ride. Just hop on your balloon and get aerial views of the eroded rocks, valleys and tourists also get served breakfast at the end of the ride.

Surfing in the Sahara desert


The dunes of the Sahara desert as massive and suitable for extreme sports. The camel rides out there as well as bikes are famous aspects of the adventure. The dunes of the desert and surfing at that destination have the best combination which appeals to the tourists as well.

Camping in Antarctica


If you have a list of those destinations where you want to travel in your life then make sure to add camping in all of this snowy environment of Antarctica, one can also experience the untouched landscapes as well as unique wildlife of the most loved place in the adventurous world. Try to get yourselves to Punta Arenas and Chile for skiing and hiking which turns out to be most loved by tourists.

Free fall jump from Burj khalifa


People without acrophobia definitely have this adventurous activity on their list, jumping from the tallest building in the world sounds so scary and people experiences near-death experience by jumping, it is one of the most common rope adventure spots after chair lifting or zip lines over Niagara fall that will be discussed afterward. Jumping turns out to be the most dangerous act one can face in their entire life but all they have to consider is rope as their lifesaver.

Bungee jumping above rivers of New Zealand


Another rope adventurous activity after free balling that appears to be the scariest thing one could ever do, the adventure sport is mainly performed at Kawaru Bridge Bungy in New Zealand were nearly many annual visitors come to jump from the steel built bridge from almost a distance of 140 foot, therefore these adventurous activities provide a name of “land of adventure” to the great land of New Zealand.

Paragliding in France


Are you also one of those who crave adventurous traveling of the world? Then you can always consider adding paragliding to the list, France has amazing paragliding which tends to open your mind and freshen the soul by watching the beauty of France aerially. Haute Alpes is mainly famous for this extreme sport and welcomes wholeheartedly all the visitors out there and even beginners are always welcomed to try, flying over the Alps (the biggest mountain range in Europe) is one of the most fascinating experiences for anyone.

Zorbing in England and New Zealand


Zorbing is considered one of the dangerous extreme sports adventurous activities where one can think of getting injured but fortunately, they don’t as the spherical is built of quite strong substance, one can get easily rolled downhill inside and orb.

Wildlife in Tanzania


When thinking of something adventurous, one can also explore the wildlife in Tanzania which is considered an ultimate safari destination. Life can get tough as well but experiencing the most thrilling moments you will never forget.

Climbing mount Everest


Mount Everest is well known for its uniqueness and especially for hikers as well as those who love to explore mountains, hike towards the higher altitude, and experience a whole new moment that they never imagined. Climbing Mount Everest is also one of the must-try adventure activities to perform and also the most exciting mountain adventure sport.

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