Top 10 best places to go for Christmas in 2023

Christmas is not just a religious celebration but an occasion that is loved wholeheartedly by every single human. Some of them want to celebrate this holy festival at home while some want to explore the world with their best experience while celebrating the occasion. Christmas is just around the corner soon and many of us want to explore the best destinations in the world. The religious occasion is celebrated with so much enthusiasm and joy beyond religious limits. There are so many wonderful destinations in the world where one can especially celebrate the event and make so many memories.

New York City, USA


Christmas celebration in New York City USA is one of the best celebrations across the world with Christmas lights, muzak, and snow. The visitors are surprised by the tallest Christmas trees across the city with amazing arrangements for the celebration. The shops out there have the most amazing items to sell with amazing displays which attract visitors as well as the locals living out there. The New York botanical garden glow, the Rockefeller Christmas tree, and the Dyker heights holiday lights are one of the most loved places in the city.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam is also considered to be the best destination in the world to celebrate the holy event of Christmas. Spending the Christmas holidays in Amsterdam is a dream for everyone. Every street flaunts a decorated Christmas tree throughout the city. The visitors can travel from one Amsterdam Christmas market to another while traveling on the roads covered by snow. Christmas is celebrated with the best famous Dutch cuisines out there with joy. The Amsterdam light festival with light artwork exhibitions and fireworks on New Year’s eve attracts visitors out there.

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Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich itself is a popular destination for chocolates, mountains, snow, and amazing streets. On the auspicious and religious occasion of Christmas, one should plan a trip to Zurich as the visitors are guided to Christmas walks, and sparkling Christmas trees while singing their holy songs. Zurich’s oldest Christmas markets make the visitors lose themselves in the atmosphere of Christmas. Switzerland is considered one of the best destinations for celebrating Christmas in Europe. Their local traditions of carol singing attract visitors with their uniqueness.

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Copenhagen, Denmark


When looking for the inexpensive yet the best, Copenhagen should be at the top of the list. The capital of Scandinavia is an amazing destination of welcoming nature. Different gardens such as Tivoli garden are transformed into a new look with many lights and thousands of Christmas trees. Copenhagen is famous for ice skating on snowy streets during Christmas which makes it the best place to travel and therefore a magical land to visit.

Salzburg, Austria


The city is well known for charming streets and cozy cafes thereby visiting the iconic buildings built in ancient times covered in snow. Salzburg has the most magical Christmas. It is considered as the best place to visit for Christmas as the city resembles a fairytale village. The castles are the most wonderful. When visited in winter for Christmas, Salzburg is one of the amazing destinations to go to for Christmas celebrations.

London, England

The experience of the Christmas celebration in London is unique in itself. London is all lit up with Christmas lights and sparkling Christmas trees. The outdoor ice rinks and London Christmas market fair are mostly loved by the visitors as well as the locals out there. Exploring the oxford street Christmas lights shining in the sky attracts everyone. Christmas shopping in London allows visitors to explore and travel to different classic Christmas markets in London. Meeting Santa at the zoo is the favorite activity and desire of the visitors.

Montreal, Canada


The second largest city in Canada has the most wonderful experience of the Christmas celebration, one can enjoy a late-night parade to discover the magic of Christmas lights. The place offers a crazy amount of activities, and free Christmas parties all around the city are provided as a treat to the visitors and locals out there. The place lets the visitor immerse themselves in the various Christmas activities. The best Canadian cuisines and food with the best concerts all around the city is the most attractive factor. The Montreal Christmas village is an amazing place to visit for Christmas celebrations and cultural activities.

Hong Kong, China


When planning to visit places for Christmas in Asia, Hong Kong comes to the top of the list. The city gets beautifully decked up with lights all across the streets. Christmas music in speakers all around the city gives the best feel and therefore makes the city the ultimate place to go for Christmas travel for the best Christmas vacations. The themed Christmas displays on screens across the city tend to be the most attractive to visitors. The light show is also an interesting event organized annually during Christmas.

Strasbourg, France


Strasbourg is declared to be the capital city for celebrating Christmas. Climbing to the cathedral for the best views of the city. The Strasbourg skating ice rink is located in the shadow of a Christmas tree, and the cozy dinners at restaurants are the most desired and loved activities by the one visiting out there. The Christmas activities organized by the city offer numerous concerts and free food as a treat to everyone with cultural activities that appeal everyone.

Dubai, UAE


Dubai, is the best place to go for Christmas festive as the place welcomes visitors thereby engaging them in various activities. The tree lightings in the town are the most attractive to visitors. The shopping malls in Dubai display the Christmas themes all over the mall which appeals everyone. Dubai is a place where anyone can spend their quality time to the fullest while enjoying each and every cultural and religious festive. Many activities such as sing along with the festive, dinner in the festive style and much more are the specialties of the place as the Christmas holidays in Dubai is all about having a wonderful holiday experience.

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Best Places to Go for Christmas

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