Top 10 Destinations To Enjoy Snow And Winters

Whether you agree or not winters are the favorite season of many peoples. Not just because of coffee but for many other reasons, for instance, snow fight. Relax, a snow fight – but a friendly one. Moreover, in winters you get a chance to wear layers of clothing and can create your style statement. Also, winters are the best season because you may get a chance to see a new avatar in this world. In this breathtaking season, don’t you think you should have a break? For that, here are the Top 10 Destinations to enjoy snow and winters. Have a look!

Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

This amazing and unique festival happens in China, every year. Because of its uniqueness, it got popularity. It gets international recognition in 2017. Among the winters’ attractions, it is one of the largest attractions. It mostly starts at the beginning of the year and lasts until the first week of February.


Shirakawa-Go is short for Historic Villages of Shirakawa and Gokayama. It is a village situated in Japan. This place is a representation of the old times of Japan. Peoples come here to see how in the old-time people of Japan used to live. The houses of the Shirakawa-Go, Japan is more like a fairytale. The symmetrical Minka houses are a must-visit destination to enjoy snow and winters.

Santa Claus Village


Finland is home to a dream world. As the Santa Claus Village, which is one of the top best winter destinations is in Finland. There are many Santa Claus villages all around the world but the one in Finland is the king of all.

Dracula Castle


The Dracula Castle is situated in the mountainous walls of Romania. Many peoples think that the destination is scary because of its darkness. But honestly, the destination is matchless. The snow view of the city has no comparison at all.

Plitvice National Park


Croatia has surely kept a beauty inside its premises. The turquoise lake of 16 shades surrounded by real and untouched nature makes it a jaw-dropping view. It is a worth visiting place in winter.

Gobi Desert


The Gobi Desert is located in Mongolia. It is surely something unusual and furthermore, if you are more likely to visit in March then you may not see the sand. The destination hosts the very famous Thousand Camel Festival. At the festival, thousands of camels compete together to show their skills.

Lake Baikal

This lake in Russia has formed 25 to 30 million years ago. It is the largest freshwater basin in the world. Many tourists wish to start their destination from this. You can enjoy ice diving, ice fishing, and safaris.

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If you want to go into the fantasy world that is filled with castles and is surrounded by a thick layer of snow then Tallinn is the place for you. It is situated in Estonia. Certainly, one of the most alluring destinations to see in winters.



A traditional winter destination in the Czech Republic. To have maximum fun in a minimum time Prague, Czech Republic is the best place for it. The destination is not only good at hosting snow. But, other things like milky doughnuts, unique décor, ace-level bottles, and sleigh rides. One thing is certain and that is if you may visit Prague you would not regret it.

Sun Valley


Are you the one that aims to have skating, ski, and snow ride at the same time then Sun Valley is the place for you? The Sun Valley is situated in Idaho that is in the United States of America. The place has many activities to do.

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Destinations to Enjoy Snow And Winters

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